Can Tho District's Rover helped Lepers in Di Linh Leprosy Camps

8:00am, August 4th 2017. Scouts from Can Tho District (including 04 Rover Crews Minh Duc, Nguon That, Phu Sa, Le Loi) paid a visit to Di Linh Leprosy Camps. As a part of our services for Vietnam Scouts Rovermoot 2017, we gave 1,500 kilograms of rice and 150 kilograms of washing powder to lepers here. At the same time, Rovers from Can Tho District had planted 50 avocado plants at the camp to support lepers' living. We would like to say a big thank to Rover Tran Hoang Hai, who supported people here finacially. We already sent his gift to Sister Thuy, manager of a group of sisters taking care of lepers in the camps.

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