GXH Scouts Celebrated Saint George ‘s Day and Leader Hop's 1st Death Anniversary

On April 17th last Sunday, the celebration of Saint George’s Day, the Patron Saint of Scouting, was combined with an honorary tribute to Xuan Hoa Scouts Family’s Big Brother – Leader John Tran Van Hop’s 1st death anniversary.

In homage of the Big Brother of the Xuan Hoa Family for his dedicated service to the Vietnam Scouts, many leaders from around Vietnam joined the tribute alongside other aging Vietnam scouts to pray for their late beloved leader Hop.

Participants of this service included 200 leaders and Scouts from the Xuan Hoa Scouts Family, 20 leaders from the executive board of the Vietnam Scouts, the Vietnam National Council, Scouts from the Truyen Thong Council, brothers from Gui Vung Moi Day (Keep the Knot Tight) as well as the late Leader Hop’s family members and relatives.

The event culminated in a lunch, after which several leaders gave memorial speeches, but it was Leader Tran Minh Thien – Chief of the Executive Board of the Scouts – who reminded everyone of Leader Hop’s vision of a united Vietnam Scouts before his demise. In a show of respect and dedication, Leader Tran Minh Thien confirmed his commitment toward achieving this goal with an invitation to the groups gathered to begin to work together now in an effort to understand one another better.

-Thanh Tâm-

(click here for photos)


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