Rover Scouts of Can Tho District Outing in Central Highlands

For most of vacations, we got used to camping near beaches, this time we decided to arrange an excursion 3-in-1. We went to visit Ea Na's house for lepers for our rover scouts to have the perspective towards doing charity in comparison with scout service. To strengthen the brotherhood with Daklak District' scouts and leaders, we visited an orphanage whose children came from various minor ethnicities in the highlands – Theresa's Multi-Ethnic Home for Children. We also got a chance to see Khai Doan pagoda, a spiritual place of lavishness and squandering of mankind. On the next day, we took a short trip to visit the 100 years old wooden church, and Kon Tum Diocese' Pastoral Center's exhibition room of traditions to catch a sight of old Highland and its featured culture. Last but not least, we headed to Mang Den, 55 kilometers far ahead, an unplanned destination of our journey.

None of us knew the way to Mang Den. Along the way we beheld a very strange beauty of highland mountains and forests. Exciting. Thrilling. Feeling. Praying. Kinh ethnicity. Minor ethnicities. All had same intention when came all the way up here. We believe that if we depart with intention, we will arrive eventually!
With 2000 kilometers we had spent together on the road, we can see how we strengthen our brotherhood and teamwork spirits through experience of such a beautiful Central Highlands and friendly local people.

Guest house at the Convent of Mary Queen of Peace (click here for photos)

Spirit and Belief (click here for photos)

Theresa's Multi-Ethnic Home for Children (click here for photos)

Ea Na's house for lepers (click here for photos)


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