Trainers Review Workshop I 2015 held in Ho Chi Minh City was divided into 3 stages:

- Stage 1: From January 09 to January 11, 2015

- Stage 2: From November 20 to November 22, 2015

- Stage 3: From April 22 to April 24, 2016

This workshop gathered 33 ALT trainees from different Sections, together with LT Trainers, and Groups' Mentors. ALTs who attended the 2015 Leaders Training Course in Australia, provided assistance for these groups. The participation of Leaders from Xuan Hoa Family Scouts contributed to the development of our unity as mentioned at the APR 25th Conference in 2015: GROWTH TOWARDS UNITY.

The course received concerns, support, sharing, and encouragement from many Leaders, supporters and services carried out by Rover scouts. This strengthened the spirit of the Training Team to diligently accomplish their duties.

The course program was conducted with condensed contents drawn from Scouts Australia's courses, namely, LTC 21, LTC 22, LTC 24 and LTC 27, incorporated with other characteristic features of Vietnam Scouts.

Trainees worked together to share, study and discuss various topics of the course. Participants' contributions to the course on knowledge, skills and experience resulted in an excellent outcome for further study on essential elements needed for a leader trainer.

During the course, these leaders also held special performances on traditional costumes of the different ethnicities from over the world, including Vietnamese varied ethnic groups. Other musical and poetic performances brought colors and variety of emotions to all participants. Stage 3 was packed with artistic themes and costume performances that took people back to their roots, much to the joy and delight of the participants.

Leaders took part in the course had animated discussions on visions, goals, necessary activities and solutions for Sections in training works as well as for the whole Training Team from now to 2020 in order to prioritize targets and prepare the foundation for activities in the future.
There were three symbolisms set at the beginning of the course:

- An ant colony was carrying food back to its nest together.

- A swarm of bees was building a hive, collecting nectar from flowers and making honey.

- A skein of geese in V formation flight.

These symbolisms were to be deployed to determine the effectiveness of the course. Participants had gained useful lessons for themselves individually and for the Groups as well as for the whole course.

There was one wish from the course extended to every participants: that they would give their best efforts to implement what they had learned and shared in training works in the training of new Leaders to serve Scouting Movement in the future.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to Leaders, supporters, Rover scouts and to everyone who had supported, facilitated and made this Course a success.

We would like to extend our wish for the Leaders and everybody involved to have good health, joy and happiness in your work of serving our fellows and contributing in the development of the society.

Left-handed handshake to everyone,

LT. Nguyễn Tuấn
Chief of the Course
Trainers Review Workshop I 2015
April 25th 2016. 

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