By Huynh Tan Thuong

Yes, you were back to the CUBOREE, back to the CAMP and yet FLEW to many places.

Saigon those days had had its sudden rains leading to change of the Old-growth Forest where our cub scouts gathered. From Green Eyes to St. Martin's...and when the fly camping happened, our dear cub scouts were still safe and maintained their good nature to FOLLOW and LISTEN to their Old wolves (Cubmaster Assistant). Wherever Old wolves went, cubs followed. It was not ended yet, we had to continue the fly camping from locations to locations. Generations of leaders flew, Old wolves flew and you cubs flew together...

Changing. Walking. Setting up tents. Building caves. And packing tents. All happened suddenly in a blink...Go, let's go, "where do we go, Akela, Baloo?" "We are continuing our HUNT". "Akela, can we take a rest and play Ofly? We are going to join the competition!"... Listening to these innocent questions, we old wolves felt bitter inside. Akela's eyes batted with uncried tears trying to hide the sorrow behind their smiles. "We should go, children, we are going to the new jungles!"...Paradise, Hill of Mother Mari, Long Hai, Nuoc Ngot, Trang Bom, Long Thanh, Tri An, Ong Muoi Islet in District 9, Coc Lake – Xuyen Moc, etc. In the afternoon of June 4th 2016, all Packs were settled and began to camp and play again.

And yes, you cubs are innocent and unaffected. Playing with you gives Akela the unaffected eyes to simplify things, thus.... There is always a lesson in risk management in LEADER's TASKS. It is fortunate that our leaders decided to FLY. Anyway, cubs should go hunting! Checking through many jungles helps our cubs discover more. It's only hard on old wolves and cubmasters. However, our final purpose is to make chance for cubs to PLAY. We had the Grand Howl, opening the jungle and the Red Flower Night... Cubs were sweating in enthusiasm all 2 days of the camp.

When we look back, there is no jungle always stays calm. They have high heat, continuous rains, and running waterfall. This kind of environment helps cubs grow as the story given by Akela Dieu Quynh at Paradise – When making announcement to open the camp, she gave cubs a story of how a caterpillar turn into a butterfly all by itself. You cubs will be going through the same procedure: getting through difficulty to become a better person. This time is a lesson for us to learn.

Camp Leader expressed thanks to Rover scouts for their service and especially to parents who accompanied and understood us towards the goal of LET CUBS PLAY IN THE BIG HUNT.

Chapter 1 – Back to the Cuboree at St. Martin's

Chapter 2 – Fly with Cubs (various fly camps in Vung Tau)

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